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iPhone 4/iPad old cables

iPhone 4/iPad old cables

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iPhone 4/iPad old cables Â

The iPhone 4/iPad old cables AAA grade are charging and syncing cables designed for use with Apple iPhone 4 and iPad devices. These cables are graded AAA, which means they are of high quality and meet strict manufacturing standards.

The cables are made of durable materials and feature a standard USB connector on one end and a 30-pin Apple connector on the other end. This allows users to easily connect their iPhone 4 or iPad to a computer or other USB charging device.

Despite being designed for older Apple devices, these cables can still be useful for some users who prefer to keep their older devices functional or as a backup cable. However, it's worth noting that these cables are not compatible with newer Apple devices that use the lightning connector.

Overall, the iPhone 4/iPad old cables AAA grade provide a reliable and affordable charging solution for users with compatible Apple devices.

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