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iPhone 6 Power Flex

iPhone 6 Power Flex

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iPhone 6 Power Flex

The iPhone 6 power flex is a component of the phone that allows for the transfer of power from the battery to the rest of the phone. If you are experiencing issues with your phone not charging or turning on properly, it is possible that the power flex needs to be replaced.

The replacement power flex you are considering is labeled as AAA quality, which typically indicates that it is of high quality and should function similarly to the original power flex in your iPhone 6.

To replace the power flex, you will need to open up your iPhone 6 and carefully disconnect the old power flex from the motherboard and battery. Then, you can install the new power flex and reassemble the phone.

Please note that attempting to replace the power flex yourself can be challenging and may cause further damage to your phone if done improperly. It is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional technician to ensure a successful and safe replacement.

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