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RAOOP MK5610(keyboard +mouse) AAA

RAOOP MK5610(keyboard +mouse) AAA

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RAOOP MK5610(keyboard +mouse) AAA

The RAOOP MK5610 is a set of computer accessories that includes a keyboard and mouse. This AAA category product is designed to provide a high level of functionality and convenience for users who need to type, click and navigate through their computer systems.

The keyboard is a standard-sized, wired keyboard that features a sleek and compact design. It is designed for comfortable and efficient typing, with a full set of keys, including function keys for easy access to common tasks such as media playback, volume control, and launching applications. The keyboard also has a spill-resistant design to protect against accidental spills.

The mouse included in the set is a wireless optical mouse with a comfortable and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. It uses an advanced optical sensor for precise tracking and smooth cursor control. The mouse also features a scroll wheel for easy scrolling and a set of programmable buttons for customized shortcuts and macros.

Overall, the RAOOP MK5610 is a reliable and high-quality computer accessory set that provides a great value for users who need a functional and ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

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