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Samsung S7 Edge Sim Reader

Samsung S7 Edge Sim Reader

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Samsung S7 Edge Sim Reader

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge features a SIM card tray located on the top of the device. The SIM card tray can hold either one nano-SIM card or one microSD card (up to 200GB) and a nano-SIM card simultaneously.

The SIM reader is located within the SIM card tray and is responsible for reading and communicating with the SIM card. It is a small electronic component that uses contacts to interface with the SIM card, allowing the phone to access the network.

To insert or remove the SIM card, you can use the SIM ejector tool provided with the device. Simply insert the ejector tool into the small hole located next to the SIM card tray, and gently push to release the tray. Then, insert or remove the SIM card and reinsert the tray into the device.

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