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Bluetooth headphone TWS-35 AAA

Bluetooth headphone TWS-35 AAA

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Bluetooth headphone TWS-35 AAA

TWS-35 is a Bluetooth headphone model that falls under the AAA category. Replacement parts for these headphones may include:

  1. Earbuds - TWS-35 Bluetooth headphones come with earbuds that can be replaced if they are damaged or lost. Replacement earbuds should be compatible with the TWS-35 model and should provide a snug fit to ensure optimal sound quality.

  2. Charging cable - The TWS-35 headphones are designed to be charged using a USB charging cable. Replacement cables should be compatible with the TWS-35 headphones and provide a reliable charge.

  3. User manual - The user manual is an essential part of any electronic device. If the original user manual is lost or damaged, it may be necessary to obtain a replacement copy.

  4. Headband or ear cushion - If the headband or ear cushion of the TWS-35 headphones becomes worn or damaged, it may need to be replaced. Replacement parts should be compatible with the TWS-35 model and provide a comfortable fit.

  5. Bluetooth module - In rare cases, the Bluetooth module of the TWS-35 headphones may need to be replaced. This requires a skilled technician and should only be attempted if all other troubleshooting steps have been exhausted.


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