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Wireless Charger

Charge your phone at ultra-fast speeds with a wireless charger. Very convenient way of charging in the form of a mat, stand, or puck. Without using a wired charger or cable, you can charge your phone with a wireless charger.

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Charging Stand

Charge from your desk, nightstand, kitchen counter, or virtually anywhere with the use of a charging stand. A simple, stylish, and effective way to charge your phone while keeping it within a few feet of your computer.

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EPIC Parts is the UK's largest mobile accessory &
parts retailer, offering the Latest tablet and Wholesale of mobile Phone Accessories, parts,
and gadget repair.

  • If you need any help or have any questions, then our customer support is available 24 hours. If you face any issue, you will take our support.. Email us or call us at epicparts@gmail.com

  • We’re a trusted and reliable UK-based company with over 10 years of experience in the market. Take a look at our fantastic accessories, and feel free to use our Customer support service to find answers to any questions you might have.

  • All handsets are delivered by courier, which we believe makes the process of receiving your phone or any device secure and reliable within 24 hours, while also saving you money. Our goal is to deliver your order the same day.

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Our excellent services have earned hugely positive customer reviews and business demands. We offer hassle-free shipping and supply services for Mobile Phone parts, Laptop and Mobile phone accessories wholesale price. Our customer-based approach has helped us retain 100% customer satisfaction.

Device Repair

We offer (Laptop and Mobile Repair at home) individual replacement parts that can be a cost-effective solution for customers who want to repair their devices rather than buy a new phone. We have expert mobile device technicians. These technical specialists can repair your gadgets and provide you with the best replacement parts for your devices.

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